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7 September , the release of the beta version of Minecraft Build 9. In the new version of Minecraft PE as usual, fixed several bugs and made a few tweaks.

Changelog MCPE Beta 9

Coordinates can now be switched on and off in MCPE Build 9. For players on XBox posted the "Copy world" near buttons "Remove" and "Export". Also, removed the button add skin as long as the console will not add the ability to upload skins Minecraft.
And again, rigged a book of recipes and improved the UI, although nothing significant Traditionally fixed a lot of bugs:
  • Fixed a bug with the item selection after you close the keyboard (now the item remains selected).
  • Minecraft fixed game crashes when you pass through the portal when you open the inventory and when you use external storage. Also fixed the crash on devices with older versions of Windows
  • Players are again able to switch skins in one pack.
  • Now the creeper continue to explode even after hitting.
  • Fixed Autoselect after crafting.
  • Fixed transformation of the worlds.
  • Totem of immortality in Minecraft PE Build 9 for Android now protects you as usual!
  • Players will no longer be able to block units by holding touch.
  • Fixed bug when teleporting with Ender pearls.
  • The pop-up text now comes up correctly if fast boot in the world.
  • Fixed a bug on Android when you connect to servers friends.
  • Game no longer crashes when changing players.

Even fixed a few bugs in the chat. In addition, there are always bugs that have not been discovered, so you have a chance to find them!
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