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for this reason that in the last days of the new Special Forces soldiers Leader George Gemistus Cicero (Chris Hemsworth) is the first election in Afghanistan was very dangerous mission. This is to convince the rugged mountains, which is in the Northern Alliance General Doster (Navid Negahban) to join with them to fight the common enemy and the Taliban allies of Al Qaeda. Apart from the endless overcoming the division of mutual distrust and the culture of America &#; the state of the art military soletarte &#; formaciónpodencapisoldiers of the Afghani in the body.

12 New Testament tells the story for the first time since the 9/11 Special Forces team in Afghanistan; Under the new leader of the team working with the Afghan Taliban at all. A story of Army Special Forces &#;Green Berets&#; He answered in attack weeks. Green berets, helping th (ii) the remainder of the war led Wiki start of a visible military purpose.

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12 strong movie download torrent