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Cheryl Cole has a diva makeover in new video as she teams up with Black Eyed Peas for 3 Words

Regal but dull: How to sum up Cheryl Cole's diva makeover in 3 Words

By Daily Mail Reporter

Cheryl Cole's solo career has got off to a flying start. 

And perhaps now hoping to emulate the success of superstars Mariah Carey and Beyonce Knowles, Cheryl has ditched her street dance gear for a gown fit for a diva along with suitably styled big hair.

In her debut solo video for Fight For This Love, Cheryl Cole tried to show a new, edgy fashion sense with her military chic.

But as she teams up with Black Eyed Peas rapper for the atmospheric love song 3 Words, the X Factor judge is sporting a more feminine look.

The net result is, sorry to say it, very regal but a bit on the dull side.


Sitting down on the job: Cheryl Cole looks pensive as she sits down during the video shoot for her second solo single 3 Words

In a sneak peek of the new video, Cheryl is seen looking wistfully into the distance in a slinky floor-length black dress with brown hair extensions cascading over her shoulders.

Hopefully, there is a bit more action in the rest of the video.

Although the title song from her number one album has already charted at No. 26 on downloads alone, the track will be officially released as a single on December 21 - meaning Cheryl could have the first number one of

3 Words tells the story of a couple who socialise separately and are both approached by members of the opposite sex.

Despite the other person showing a romantic interest in them, both Cheryl and declare they are happily in love with their soulmate.

The singers go on to declare each other is 'the love of my life' and 'through the ups and the downs never let go,'  which will no doubt be interpreted by fans as an insight into Cheryl's marriage to footballer Ashley Cole.

Cheryl, 26, recorded five tracks with the rapper in Los Angeles over the summer for the album, which reached number one in the UK charts when it was released last month.

The first single Fight For This Love, which was also released in October, also went straight to the top of the singles chart.

Regal: Cheryl strikes a pose

In the video and as she performed the song on The X Factor results show, Cheryl wore a military-type uniform for the upbeat song.

Speaking about her X Factor performance and military uniform, her husband Ashley told OK! magazine: 'Cheryl has done brilliantly on The X Factor and she did a great performance of her single.

'I am not into women's clothes so I can't really comment on (her uniform). I like it. I think she looks beautiful. As I said, I was very proud of her and very happy.'

Meanwhile, Cheryl's record label Fascination has denied accusations they should have put a parental guidance sticker on her album cover because two of the songs contain swearing.

Cheryl and's duet Heartbreaker, which is included on the album, features the word 'f***ing jerk', while the Girls Aloud singer sings 'I can't take this s**t much more' on the track Make Me Cry.

A Fascination spokesperson said: 'I’ve been assured that the content of this album does not require a parental advisory sticker.'

Duet: Cheryl sings with Black Eyed Peas rapper in the video

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