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Hi Dan

Just checked on my machine and I have Battery (it is the 64bit one, same name as the 32bit) in the C:/program files/ Steinberg/VSTPlugins folder (that is where I install all my VST's). Anything in the C:/program files(x86)folder (or subfolders) will be 32bit. You will have to check where the 64bit battery file went when you installed it. Have you checked the Plug-in Information dialog in Cubase itself under the Devices menu. If you look there you will see whether you have the 64bit version installed. Under the SDK column it will say (win32)if it is the 32bit version and "VST " if it is the 64bit . I do know that NI automatically put their VST's in an NI folder if you don't change it on installation, so if you haven't pointed Cubase to the right place they won't show up.

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Cubase battery 3 download