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New Headway English Cours: Student's Book : Upper-Intermediate, John Soars, Liz Soars, Oxford. University Press, , , , .
New Headway English Cours: Student's Book : Upper-Intermediate, John Soars, Liz Soars, Oxford University Press, , , , . . DOWNLOAD New Headway. Intermediate. Student's book English course, Liz Soars, John Soars, , Foreign Language Study, pages. . Elementary Level. Workbook with Key, Volume 4 , Liz Soars, John Soars, , , . . New Headway English course. Upper-intermediate. Class CDs, Liz Soars, John Soars, , Language Arts & Disciplines, . The listening and reading texts are drawn from a range of authentic sources. An in-depth treatment of grammar enables students to work out grammatical rules and helps them Harrap's Vocabulaire Anglais , Peter Sommer, , , 43 pages. Un nouvel outil de poche indispensable pour acquГ©rir ou rГ©viser le vocabulaire anglais. • Plus de 7 mots et expressions • 66 thГЕmes pour mГ©moriser facilement le vocabulaire Headway: Teacher's Book : Upper-Intermediate, Volume 1 Teacher's Book : Upper-Intermediate, John Soars, Liz Soars, , , 74 pages. . Speaking Better French Why Saying Sensible Isn't Sensible, and why You Should NEVER Say There are PrГ©servatifs in Your Food: Faux Amis, Saul H Rosenthal, M.D., Jan 31, , , pages. It's easy to assume that French words mean the same as English words when they look and sound pretty much the same. Most of the time you would be correct. However, occasional New Headway Upper-Intermediate. Student's Book, Liz Soars, John Soars, , Foreign Language Study, pages. This book features 12 units, entirely restructured, with 'Test your grammar'; 'Language in context'; 'Language Review'; 'Skills Development'; 'Vocabulary'; and 'Postcript New Headway Upper-Intermediate: Student's, Book 2 Student's, John Soars, Liz Soars, Oct 13, , , 80 pages. Clear focus on grammar Balanced, integrated-skills syllabus Real-world speaking skills - Everyday English, Spoken English, Music of English Full teacher support - resources New Headway. Upper-intermediate english course, Liz Soars, , English language, . . Holt Handbook, Grade 11 Developing Language Skills/Practice Answer Key, Holt Rinehart & Winston, Jan 1, , , 48 pages. . New Headway English Course. Upper-Intermediate. Students Book Part B. New Edition , , , , 78 pages. .

Headway distribution model : interrelationships between headway and fundamental traffic flow characteristics , Mostafa Sabry Aly Sabry, Universität Karlsruhe. Institut für Verkehrswesen, , Technology & Engineering, pages. . The Disappearance Easyread Super Large 20pt Edition, Efrem Sigel, Mar 14, , Fiction, pages. This is a thrilling novel by Efrem Sigel. The story revolves around the parents of a lost son, who are shocked at the disappearance of their child from their home. Creating

Book Description: Oxford University Press, United Kingdom, Paperback. Book Condition: New. New edition. x mm. Brand New Book. The world's best-selling adult English course a perfectly-balanced syllabus, strong grammar focus, and full support for your upper-intermediate classroom. Bookseller Inventory # LIB Book Description: Oxford University Press, paperback. Book Condition: New. *** NEW COPY *** TITLE SHIPPED FROM UK *** Binding paperback Integrated-skills syllabus and a clear grammar focus Everyday English in every unit Music of English feature - for stress and intonation Spoken English - for informal phrases in speech 12 units Tapescripts, grammar reference, extra material. Bookseller Inventory # Book Description: Paperback. Book Condition: New. 3rd. mm x mm x mm. Paperback. The Upper-Intermediate level brought right up-to-date, with new topics, new features, and a revised syllabus which all aid real progress. Integrated-skills syllabus and a clear grammar may be from multiple locations in the US or from the UK, depending on stock availability. pages. Bookseller Inventory # Portions of this page may be (c) Muze Inc. Some database content may also be provided by Baker & Taylor Inc. Copyright Muze Inc. For personal non-commercial use only. All rights reserved. Content for books is owned by Baker & Taylor, Inc. or its licensors and is subject to copyright and all other protections provided by applicable law. It's about time men spoke openly about the male-bashing sexism of the Headway books. It seems the Soars hired a 80s-style Gender mainstreaming consultant to bring these books in line with what was popular at the time, bashing or putting men down at all opportunities and boosting women whenever possible. There is not time for me to highlight all the cases of sexism in these books, but just one will show what I mean. Intended to 'put men in their place', this sexism would be better if it kept to facts, but unfortunately these books spread rumours long-since shown to be untrue, or invent or twist facts when they don't promote women or knock men. On page 57 of the Upper Intermediate book there is an exercise on radio advertisements. One of them is advertising car insurance, and points out that men are responsible for 81% of parking offenses. No arguments there. Most (nearly %) of delivery drivers are men, and double parking is a necessary evil of inner city deliveries. Also consider the number of men on the roads. In Germany, 75% of all drivers are men. If Britain has similar statistics, then suddenly the 81% figure doesn't look so bad! But Headway twists this statistic even more. What we hear on the radio is two men trying to park while criticizing a woman, before crashing. Yet this not a parking offense! Parking illegally, overstaying your meter time, double parking, those are parking offenses. Why do woman pay less insurance? NOT because they're better drivers, but because their crashes are cheaper! In Germany 25% of the drivers are women and they're responsible for 31% of all crashes. But because they drive more slowly and carefully, stay off the freeways and in the suburbs, don't work as delivery drivers, and don't drive while intoxicated their many crashes don't cost as much as the fewer accidents that men cause. What is really amazing is that with all their recklessness, speeding, drinking and driving and delivery work men still have fewer accidents than women! Any chance of Headway doing an article using real objective statistics? Not a chance! But it gets worse. On page 11 exercise 7 number 5 of the B students book we learn that 'women earn on average 17% less than men for full-time work'. Do a little internet searching for objective information and what we find out is that: 'The sinister male conspiracy insinuated by feminism that

keeps women's wages low is revealed to be a fantasy, as what we are looking at is simply a case of economic cause and effect. Don't study those fun and fulfilling courses like History of Art or French Lit. Everyone would love to do a 'hobby degree', especially if you have a partner to pay the bills, but you'll never get one of those jobs which require a real degree, like in Engineering, Science, Architecture or Medicine, which men don't do more often because they enjoy it, but because they know they're not going to find a woman to fund their needs if they do a hobby degree. Work as much overtime as a man. Commute as far as he does. Do a job as dirty, stressful, or dangerous. Do a job with uncomfortable working conditions, preferably working 12 hour shifts outside in winter. Be prepared to face mutilation and permanent disfigurement on a daily basis. Work 84 hour weeks. Then you'll be earning 98% of a man's salary.' False statistics like Headway is helping spread only causes anger and frustration amongst women, and guilt amongst men, and certainly works against harmonious relations within a mixed gender class. Motherhood certainly is a hindrance against climbing the career ladder. However, this only applies to a minority of people in the world. Motherhood also prevents women from going down coalmines, etc, thus helping to give them longer lives. You can't have it all unfortunately As a final example, I take again the B students book, page 89 exercise 1 number 3, where students have to comment on a number of statements on daily life. Once again Headway throws in an old feminist chestnut: 'Women have a higher pain threshold than men', and in the teacher's book an 'answer' along the following lines is given (quoting from memory as the book is at work): 'Although some research seems to show that men have a higher pain threshold, many people believe that childbirth has endowed women with a higher pain threshold. We don't know how men would handle childbirth.' What Headway is recommending here is that we ignore scientific research and stick with hearsay, if it's in favour of women. Incredible! I invite all to do a bit of internet searching, and see what research has been carried out in the last years. We now know that women have two-thirds the pain threshold of men. And they make much louder noises when they feel pain. The discussion in the scietific world has now moved on to what we can do to help women to cope with higher pain levels they feel. (While men were believed to have lower pain thresholds this was just seen as a joke. But as soon as it is observed that, as all men already knew, women are the ones with lower pain thresholds, there is a sudden panic to reduce these poor women's pain. These double standards are sexist in the extreme.) The reason why women don't get Singaporean floggings is that their bodies cannot handle the level of neurogens that men's bodies can, just as men handle alcohol and drugs better. In the women's concentration camp Ravensbrück, women used to die from heart failure during floggings which were far milder than what the men were receiving in their camps. All of what I have written can be confirmed by anyone doing a bit of internet research using objective (not feminist) sources. Another feature common to all the Headway books is their choice of men to illustrate negative adjectives and women the positive ones. In Headway's world, women are perfect and never make mistakes, always the innocent victims who have to put up with silly men. I open the workbook at random, page 8. I see 3 negative comments about men here: (1)He was sarcastic about my house. (2) His comments really hurt my feelings. (3) Q: Why is Terence always so horrible to poor Janine? A: I don't know. But I could see in her face that his criticism really hit home. Perhaps she'll finally leave him this time. Wake up Headway, and Liz and John Soars! The world has moved on since the male-bashing 80s and 90s. Heard about Warren Farrell? Because of him, books like yours are already under the spotlight as being sexist and misandronistic in the 21st century gender equality scene. Your constant male-bashing and female-boosting smacks of a collective female inferiority complex which is not healthy. REMOVE the bigotry and sexism and stop bashing my male students, and some may come back to using your books. Others like myself consider that the damage you're done is far too great to ever be forgiven, and even a collective apology to all the male students in the world who've used your books. Heavily involved in adult English teaching in Germany, I intend to do all in my power to stop other schools besides my own from using them. Read more › Trade in New Headway: Upper-Intermediate Third Edition: Student's Book: Six-level general English

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