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Multi-purpose cheat tool for GTA San Andreas and SA:MP
Supported SA-MP versions:,


Download from the latest release, run it and follow the installer guide.


To build mod_sa you'll need to have Microsoft Visual Studio at least version of with C++ tools and DirectX 9 SDK installed.
Open appropriate from the folder with your Visual Studio and you are ready to compile.

Credits & Greets

Kalcor, NotAPlane, jflm, nuckfuts, FYP, NarutoUA
s0beit, Wang, Trix, Static, cBonky, REALfreaky, v0gelz, CrazyT,
wax, cereal, jac0b, playa', North, caytchen, DeN00b,
Offroader23, Kosty@n, gaffkanone, Racer_S
everyone who contributed to the project
everyone at, and Multi Theft Auto
and everyone helping with moral support & hosting.

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[SAMP 0.3.7] s0beit LiquidMod 4.2 - Player Crashers - Download 2018

Download s0beit