Dragon ball heroes mugen v3 free download by ristar87

Dragon Ball Heroes

If you've ever had a decent childhood, you'll have fond memories of the hours on end spent in front on the TV watching Dragon Ball, the classic cartoons based on the manga written by Akira Toriyama and the many times you've pretended to be Goku, the Saiyan warrior that features in the series.

A Dragon Ball game similar to Street Fighter

Now you've got the chance to revive those moments on your computer thanks to Dragon Ball Heroes, a 2D fighting game built with the MUGEN engine in which we can take part in battles with our favorite characters.

Kame Hame Ha!

There are over 50 different characters available: Son Goku, Son Gohan, Vegeta, Cell, Trunks, Mr. Satan, etc. Just choose your favorite one or make use of the random mode to start fighting, using all the skills and powers you've probably practiced hundreds of times as a kid.

Game modes available

The game offers us different ways of taking part in the fights:

  • One on one.
  • Two against two
  • Arcade mode.
  • Survival mode.
  • Practice mode
Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Windows XP or above.
  • Requires a RAR-compatible compressor.
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Dragon Ball Heroes M.U.G.E.N v2 2019 by Ristar87 (DOWNLOAD) #Mugen #AndroidMugen @MugenMundo

Dragon ball heroes mugen v3 free download by ristar87