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As free winds we lose control between the lines.

I chase away the waves in the sea of your darling eyes.

Don't hide your modest smile from me, please.

My dear Leila-lo, heavenly Leila-lo.


Why do I need a world which has no room for us.

I need a world which has nobody but us.

Because if you're not near, everything else loses its vibrancy.

My dear Leila-lo, heavenly Leila-lo.


Your silk dress the color of the scarlet sunset

Gives me the music with which my soul sings.

My heart writes lyrics, disregarding my reason,

singing day after day, heavenly Leila-lo.


We'll take our feelings far out of reality.

The shore is slowly hugged by the tide.

I'll hug you, with the scarlet sunset behind us,

my Leila-lo, gentle Leila-lo.


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Elvin Grey - Черноглазая

Jah khalib leila download