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    [Share]C6 Maps for c5 (beta for now ^^)

    here is the maps (little island for dino) for c5 with the texture maps in mini map (alt+m ingame)

    Now it's V2 it's the same of V1 just fix bug of folder bad name and file (www.oxygen.com.ro ^^)

    >Downloads V2 here Megaupload<

    >Downloads V2 here RapidShare<

    >Downloads V2 here Badongo<

    >Downloads V2 here MomUPLoad<

    ->Download here V1<-

    (remenber : rename www.oxygen.com.ro tu www.oxygen.com.ro)
    (other remenber : Backup your file because this is a Beta ^^)
    (i am not if is work &#37; ^^)

    - -- >Credits< -- -
    - -- >L2neage
    - -- >Ncsoft (for 3d maps xD)
    - -- >Me for create pack xD
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    thx a lot man thx!!!

    you know something that does not work?
    already knows some bugs?
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    i have a problem, the area around "jurassic park" is fuzzy and is not possible to read, but if you far away from it like to giran, you can read giran castle town. Whats the problem?

    And where is the interlude castle please?

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    That's a great dude, thx Big Jo! Keep going on that way!


    I got that bug duh!

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    Vianney i use full c5 update this morning and with only my pack is work ^^ (add file in folder texture in folder textures! and are you sur you have ''remplace'' file in maps folder ? ^^)
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    pls an other link 2 share

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    no doesn't work on C5!! i don't know why !!
    also i replace all the folder maps and texture but nothing is the same as your files somthing have to be change to work!!

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    lol man its work perfect!!!!

    very thx man! thx!!!

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    Thx a lot for the share i will test it now

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    it has small bugs when you are going swimming for jurassic Park, char the veses I sink of the nothing, the times fly of the nothing, and the times return stop backwards. the map is appearing &#;Demonic Sword Zariche&#; this not this correct one? also it has 2 buttons in the map that is not written nothing, and the part of low of the map is without that blue bar.

    for bug of the land transference, getekeper it decides the problem. only that the map is a little ugly ^^

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    okay sorry all the folder testure bad named ^^' i will repack it's for work ^^

    and for maps i didn't know why when you play with lower quality the map texture isn't work :s

    Edit :
    Okay i will repack it's it's the SAME of the first but it's more easy to install no bug with folder "Testure" or "www.oxygen.com.ro"

    >Downloads V2 here Megaupload<

    >Downloads V2 here RapidShare<

    >Downloads V2 here Badongo<

    >Downloads V2 here MomUPLoad<
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L2font-e.utx interlude download