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Double Up (R. Kelly album)

studio album by R. Kelly

Double Up is the eighth studio album by American singer R. Kelly. It was released by Jive Records on May 29, in the United States, with distribution handled by Zomba Label Group. The album features the contributions with guest appearances and also the productions, which was handled by R. Kelly, along with Swizz Beatz, The Runners, Snoop Dogg, Khao, Nelly, Chamillionaire and Polow da Don.

Its lead single, his remix to "I'm a Flirt", which features guest vocals from American rapper T.I. and American recording artist T-Pain; attaining the prominence of the success on the Billboard's Top 40 charts, while it peaked at number one on the US Top Hot Rap Tracks chart.


On YouTube, R. Kelly has a video of him speaking out about his state on his success and his thoughts of collaborating with artists, such Young Jeezy and Ludacris, he thought, "why not put some of that magic on my album?" He stated that 70 percent of the record will be uptempo but he assured fans that "there will be some slow jams on there."

Promotion and release[edit]

Prior to the album's release, three songs were leaked onto the Internet: second single "Same Girl", which features Usher; "Rise Up", a song which only appeared on some releases, a tribute to the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre in April ; also making an early appearance was a song titled "Blow It Up", at first supposed to be featured on the album but absent from the final track listing, mainly due to the inappropriate mood it would have created because of the presence of the Virginia Tech shooting tribute song "Rise Up". "Rock Star", which features Ludacris and Kid Rock, was released as the album's third single on September 4. A video for the song "Real Talk" was also made directly on YouTube. On May 25, , four days before the album's release, the explicit version of the album became available for purchase on iTunes. The edited version became available on May 29, , with a bonus track version available a day later.

Chart performance[edit]

The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard , with first-week sales of , copies, making this his fifth album to debut at number-one.[10] To date, the album has sold 1,, copies in the United States.[11] On June 3, it entered the UK Albums Chart at #

Track listing[edit]

1."The Champ" (featuring Swizz Beatz)Robert Kelly, Kasseem DeanKelly, The Runners (co.)
2."Double Up" (featuring Snoop Dogg)Kelly, Calvin Broadus, Jr., C. Bereal, K. Bereal, C. Brockman, C. Keyes, N. StewartKelly, Khao (co.)
3."Tryin to Get a Number" (featuring Nelly)Kelly, C. HaynesCorey "Keyz" Martin
4."Get Dirty" (featuring Chamillionaire)R. Kelly, H. SerikiR. Kelly, Mysto & Pizzi(co.)
5."Leave Your Name"R. KellyR. Kelly
6."Freaky in the Club"R. KellyR. Kelly
7."The Zoo"R. KellyR. Kelly
8."I'm a Flirt (Remix)" (featuring T.I. & T-Pain)R. Kelly, S. Moss, R. Jackson, C. Harris, F. NajmLil' Ronnie
9."Same Girl" (duet with Usher)R. KellyR. Kelly, Lil' Ronnie (co.)
"Real Talk"R. KellyR. Kelly
"Hook It Up" (featuring Huey)R. Kelly, L. Franks Jr.R. Kelly, Lil' Ronnie (co.)
"Rock Star" (featuring Ludacris & Kid Rock)R. Kelly, C. BridgesR. Kelly
"Best Friend" (featuring Keyshia Cole & Polow da Don)R. KellyR. Kelly, Polow da Don (co.)
"Rollin'"R. KellyR. Kelly
"Sweet Tooth"R. KellyR. Kelly
"Havin a Baby"R. KellyR. Kelly
"Sex Planet"R. KellyR. Kelly
"Rise Up" (Virginia Tech Memorial tribute track) (Not included on some releases outside of North America)R. KellyR. Kelly
"Ringtone" (US / Japan / Canada / Australia / UK / Russian / iTunes bonus track)R. Kelly, J. Jones, T. Nash, W. HodgeR. Kelly, Polow da Don
"I Like Love" (Japan / Canada bonus track)R. KellyR. Kelly
"Ooh Baby" (iTunes/Philippines/Mexico/Spain bonus track)R. KellyR. Kelly
"Good Sex" (featuring Twista) (iTunes/South American/New Zealand/African/Iraq/Israel/Turkey/Poland/India bonus track)R. Kelly, A. Harr, J. Jackson, C. MitchellR. Kelly, The Runners

Samples credits

  • "Double Up" samples "Iceberg" performed by Tweet


  • There are different iTunes versions of Double Up. Some features the track "Ringtone", as track 20; instead of [12] Other versions have "I Like Love" or the video for "I'm a Flirt" as bonus features.
  • On all versions (digital and CD) of Double Up, "I'm a Flirt" is presented in its censored form while the other songs are not.
  • On most international versions of the album, the song "Rise Up" is omitted in favor of the aforementioned bonus tracks. The song "Rise Up" was reportedly intended predominantly for North American listeners because it is about the Virginia Tech massacre, something that some non-North American fans of R. Kelly may be unfamiliar with.
  • The extended version of the song "Get Dirty" with an extended verse by Chamillionaire was released on R. Kelly's MySpace page.
  • The new intro to the song "I'm a Flirt (Remix)" was released, only featuring an additional 10 seconds of music before the actual song. The only evidence of this was found on YouTube.[13] The video is no longer available because the YouTube account which uploaded the video has been deleted.

Release history[edit]

Region Date
Jamaica January&#;9,&#;&#;()
Haiti May&#;29,&#;&#;()
United States
Japan December&#;10,&#;&#;()
Netherlands March&#;1,&#;&#;()
United Kingdom
New Zealand June&#;4,&#;&#;()
European Union
South Africa May&#;2,&#;&#;()
Iran June&#;7,&#;&#;()
Oceania August&#;12,&#;&#;()
Italy October&#;3,&#;&#;()
Germany February&#;4,&#;&#;()
Middle East September&#;4,&#;&#;()
Finland December&#;3,&#;&#;()
Indonesia February&#;19,&#;&#;()

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