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★ We Like Sheep

Ages: 1st – 6th grades
Set: a field
Costumes: optional “Ewes” and “Rams” football shirts
Voicing: Unison/2 part
Music: Easy
Drama: 7 speakers & several non-speaking parts
Performance Time: Approximately 30 minutes

In our performance the Kindergarten students spoke all the lines while Pastor was our shepherd. This musical is well suited for K An aside; one of our Kindergartners was in the thinking chair outside the classroom yesterday. I could hear him singing softly "No matter how bad we are the shepherd loves us." Thank you, Kathie!
Cheryl Rolf, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Wenatchee, WA

We Like Sheep was the perfect choice for us as a smaller church with younger members. The kids really loved the upbeat music, and funny lines. It also requires minimum staging and props, which was a perfect fit us. From a teacher's standpoint, you could not ask for a clearer presentation of the gospel for either the kids in the performance or those they are performing for!
Heather Donmoyer, Lebanon, PA

The Christian school my daughter attended and where I worked, did this musical and it was a HUGE hit! The children loved it, the adults loved it, and most importantly, it reached into the hearts of many unsaved who attended! THANK YOU, Kathie Hill for your wonderful ministry!!
Jan Catalano Bailey Oak Ridge Baptist Church,, Salisbury, MD

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Ship or sheep cd free download