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for Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S

SuperSU is one of the best software for getting the Superuser access to settings of applications. It is the tool of the future. The app will give you the keys to any application on your rooted device you want. It provides the Superuser access rights to all the software on your phone that demand rooting. With this tool, you are able to solve any problem with any application.

Basic features of SuperSU:

  • You have access to prompt, notifications and logging.
  • The app is always in ghost mode.
  • User has an ability to configure notifications in per-app mode.
  • Temporary unrooting option is available.
  • Deep detection function is accessable.
  • Working in recovery mode without segfaulting process is possible.
  • The app supports improperly booted Android gadgets and unconventional shell locations.
  • Well-considered backup script is provided.
  • Selectable design (6 options for the icon and 4 options for the theme) is tabled.
  • Options of complete unrooting and system converting are available as well.

The Pro version of SuperSU offers many supplementary useful features, including OTA survival mode, per-app overriding, PIN protection and logging configuration, etc.

Attention: it is impossible to uninstall the app in usual way. Don’t do that, because you will lose root in that case — don’t risk. Information about steps you need to take to finish the process correctly is given on the app producer.

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Gt-s6802 download