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Why some of the people just can't let our (I mean original Rage Team) mod rest in peace? Why some of the people need to dig up the grave and create some kind of frankenstein?As one of the original developers.I'm upsetI had a talk with RussianCJ on skype about ? Years ago (whenever he was about to leave gta modding for good) and he was okay with others continueing the mod. I don't have proof as said skype logs vanished with a windows reinstall about a year would have to clear it with himIn any case, you, RussianCJ and the rest left the mod unfinished, why not encourage others to continue development and make it better?Not saying these guys are doing a good job, overall they make bad choices, (art content wise at least), but maybe some day some team will revive the mod on V.

Free download Vice City Rage Beta for Windows Vice City Rage is a modification that refreshes the mega production company created by Rockstar Games on the new engine used in the Grand Theft Auto IV and the Appendices Episodes from Liberty City. Modders try to refresh the graphic while maintaining the. GTA Vice City GTA Vice City Rage Classic Beta 4k Graphics Mod For Android Mod was downloaded times and it has of 10 points so far. Download it now for GTA Vice City!

(and converting from your project will be a lot more convenient as the similarities between IV and V are much closer than VC and V) Edited January 22, by Jestic. First nice to meet Sergei (Quantum) I'm a fan of your VIce CIty RAGE Beta 1, I think we need to forget beta 3 simply because it seems to me at this moment mod went downhill, I think you are well appreciated our work on the mod Vice City Rage and I hope we all deserve your respect. Transport over while I am working alone, today the way of weapons worked.

So look forward to continuing mod without pitfalls, Dblcut3 Tmaster at low settings and it does not reveal all the beauty of the car. Edited January 25, by AlexBrain.

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Download gta vice city rage classic beta 4