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"Spectacular action"

- The Action Elite

"Must-see for action fans"

- The Action Elite

"Delivers serious action"

- Badass Digest

"The vast majority of his fights are just Jaa being Jaa, and it’s exciting to see him back in action."

- Film School Rejects

"Massively entertaining. Whether violent shootouts or man-on-man fisticuffs, every icon on the marquee shares a scene with the other, and does what they do best."

- Cut Print Film

"A brilliant pure action film"

- Movie Pilot

"Tony Jaa goes from zero to knee-to-your-face in the blink of an eye, a perpetually coiled tiger with no qualms about busting ribs."

- Paste Magazine

"An exhilarating martial arts action thriller"


"Delivers well executed action sequences."


"The fight scenes are impressive."


"If bare-knuckle fights are what you seek, director Ekachai Uekrongtham certainly delivers."


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Tony Jaa vs Dolph Lundgren (Skin Trade) - 1080p HD

Download skin trade full movie